Load Files

VarName =

Basic Usage

First of all provide a name for the DDS that is going to be computed in the top left textbox.

Then, drag a DDS from the local storage on the colored drop zone on the main panel. If the local storage is does not contain the desired DDS, then use the to load it from the disk. If the local storage is huge, type a name in the input text under the 'Load Files' button in order to select the desired DDS (if present).

When the expression of the operation is complete, click the button to compute the result. The result is placed in the local storage under the name that have been chosen.

When a DDS is no more needed, it can be deleted from the local storage by clicking on the 'x' button on its window. The button can be used to completely erase the content of the local storage.

The whole local storage can be exported by clicking on the button in the form of a compressed zip file.