The set of tools for analyzing functional graphs

FGT is a GUI that integrates a set of tools for studying functional graphs and questions related to finite discrete dynamical systems. The main tools are : Drawer, Search, Solver and Viewer. We briefly present them below. Please click on the 'Documentation' button for more details on the tool and how to use it. At any step click on the question mark button to have additional details and contextual help.

Draw your dynamics


Drawer allows the manual design of the functional graph describing the dynamics of a finite discrete dynamical system. It accepts also to start from a pre-existing graph (which can be uploaded in the form of an adjacency list).

Search in a Boolean Networks


Search is a tool for searching attractors of boolean networks (BN) and (finite) cellular automata (fCA), two discrete dynamical system widely used in applications. At present only the cyclic behavior is extracted. The tool allows the manual creation and/or upload of BN in different formats. Results can be downloaded a back-up file or as an image.
The tool provides different options for the the visualization of BNs.

Polynomial equations over fDDS solver


Solver provides a handy drag-and-drop solution to write polynomial equations over DDS. The solver is splitted in two parts: the first one combines pre-defined DDS (coming from other fgt tools or loaded from a file) using the operations of sum, product and exponentiation; the second one provides an (polynomial) equations editor over DDS and finds their solutions (if any).

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